What To Do When You Have Cabin Fever #TheLFCWay

1) Go Outside and get some fresh air! We have been blessed with beautiful March weather here in NY so we have to take advantage of it! Go for walks, pick up a new hobby with your family or loved ones, do some outdoor workouts, sit in the sun and take it all in, go by the water. These are all things we should be doing anyway so now is your time! Me personally, I've been playing a lot of tennis and going to my favorite beach to read, with lots of blankets of course.

2) Read a new book! That book you've had on your nightstand you've been wanting to read for months now, take it out and read it! Now is your time. Start an online book club if you want to help hold you accountable and still get social interaction!

3) Exercise! Make sure you more your body and sweat. Yoga, HIIT, cardio, pilates, stretching, we have so many in our portal that you have access to so pick whatever is conducive to you and your home and do that! Don't just sit on the couch for the next how ever many days. Take a nitro and move that body!

4) Try a new recipe! There are so many to pick from in the portal so now is the time to try that one you've been wanting to try. Show your kids and family how fun, easy and delicious it is to make healthy food.

5) Tap into the LFC community! We are all in this together. Reach out, say hi & be sure to dive into the Fb member group where LFC Founder, Jihan Thomas is always going live. If you don't catch our fb live videos, there are so many up in the portal and on fb that you can go back and rewatch. Utilize the tools you have right at your finger tips!

Be safe & healthy LFCers!


Cristina :)

Posted March 16, 2020