Are You Ready For A Challenge?

These simple, fun programs will help increase your level of wellness, fitness, mental outlook, energy, and overall success — all within a supportive community environment. Thought most programs focus on fitness, they’re designed to help you get fit inside and out — without sacrificing your health. Most importantly, it starts where you’re at.

5 Day Cleanse

Purify your body and your mind.

Just want to get your feet wet? Try this 5 Day CLEANSE which facilitates gentle and effective ways to improve your overall health. Track your progress through our system will full access to recipes, workouts, and lifestyle lessons.

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10 Days Clean

A jump start to your new life.

Ready for a bigger challenge? Give 10 our Days CLEAN program a shot. You can follow the convenient checklist in your customized activity tracker and will get full access to all of LFC’s recipes, workouts, and lifestyle lessons as well.

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30 Day Reset

Refocus, redesign, renew, and reset.

At the end of 30 days, you’ll have a whole new understanding of your body, food, mind, life, and more. This bigger challenge changes the way you see things. Oh, and you’ll lose weight, too... if you need to. That just sort of goes with the territory.

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The Next 30

Forge ahead with more epic change.

We won’t leave you hanging! After you’ve finished our 30 Day RESET, you can continue by going into another RESET program or do The NEXT 30 program. The NEXT 30 will help you stay on track and continue your wellness progression.

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21 Day F.I.T.

Get ready for hardcore fitness.

Fitness. Intermittent fasting. Transformation. This program is about body transformation: strength, endurance, and weight loss. A daily activity tracker will remind you about what foods to eat and when to eat them. The nutritional focus is on whole foods, nutrient-dense supplements, and recovery formulas. While you can modify any of our programs to meet your current fitness level, this is by far our most hard-core fitness program. You can do anything for 21 days.

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21 Day Y-M-O

Kick-start your body and your zen.

Yoga. Mind. Oils. Whether you want to begin a dedicated yoga practice or enhance the one you have, this program is just what you need to kick-start your body to more strength, flexibility, and overall zen. We give you the tools to enhance your yoga experience with the addition of mindset work and essential oils - creating a greater path towards your highest potential. In addition, we have the self-care weekly protocol of the Raindrop Technique to take your overall Being to that extra level.

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10 Day Control

Fierce is not just a word, it's a movement.

Plant-based. No grains. No snacks. We're getting really real with this one. It takes food, movement, and mind to make any meaningful shift. It also takes control and discipline. This program will be surprisingly refreshing, free up time, and put you back in the driver's seat of your life. Expect energy, insight, and a deeper connection to your fierce purpose.

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The Fierce Mentorship Program

Because you deserve to live an EPIC life.

Having a mentor is essential to your overall success. Our 8-week mentorship program is led by our LFC Founder, Jihan Thomas, and is included in the Club membership. Feeling stuck? Need more personal guidance? Or just want to be even more connected to the fierce movement? This is for you. Build another stream of income with Young Living Essential Oils and learn how to create the paradigm shifts necessary for success. You will get out what you put in.... and then some.

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Great products to support you during your challenges.

We use Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products throughout our challenges for a very simple reason: they work and make you feel good. Young Living also has four different meal replacement shakes. You can use any one of them or a combination of them for the challenges. In addition to the core products, you may choose to have an enhanced experience. These are not a requirement of the program but you’ll still thank us later for mentioning them. We also have some amazing post-workout recovery products to get you though those days your too sore from bringing it!