Breaking Molds And Creating Epic Lives.

The Living Fierce Club is way more than just exercise and good nutrition. It’s a program designed to address holistic fitness in every area of your life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and more. No other program on the market today takes such a robust standpoint to overall wellness. We are here to help guide and support you to the epic, extraordinary life you deserve! And the best part? We’ll all have fun doing it!

You create the destination, we give you the directions.

Living Fierce Club was founded on basic principles — to help millions of members learn how to create an epic life and love themselves again, We break molds and guide our members with an experience based on simplicity, common sense, and boldly challenging conventional “wisdom” to crush the limiting beliefs you have about your body and your life, and help you tap into your vision and create the extraordinary life you imagine.


Direct access to an elite team of wellness professionals.

Our core leadership team consists of dedicated life and health coaches who are continuously developing and refining the Living Fierce Club program to keep it fun, fresh, and results-oriented. Then, we’ve partnered with amazing experts in fields ranging from finance, to mindset, to wellness, to wealth-building, to bring you member-exclusive, weekly, live, and interactive training webinars and fitness videos.

The leading wellness and fitness products to help you succeed.

The Living Fierce Club program only uses the purest and most natural food and wellness products in order to give you the best results. We use Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products throughout our program for a very simple reason: they work and make you feel good. Young Living also has four different meal replacement shakes. We also give you access to a variety of LFC affiliates who provide discounts to their products and services.