About Jihan Thomas

Jihan Thomas helps people navigate their way to a passionate and purpose-filled life of wellness and success. Her philosophy is to measure your day from success to success and build your success from vacation to vacation. #theLFCway

Jihan has been a consultant and practitioner in the holistic wellness industry for over 20 years. A terrible illness in college coupled with watching one of her best friends pass away from cancer at a young age forced Jihan into rethinking what brings true wellness and purpose-filled living. This started her journey into holistic, positive living incorporating both ancient and modern techniques in nutrition, exercise, mindset, essential oils, and a dedicated spiritual practice.

As a skilled mindset coach dating back 25 years of study starting with the Bible and several subsequent millionaire mentors, Jihan has also studied with the ProctorGallagher Institute, led by Bob Proctor of The Secret fame and Sandy Gallagher - former successful corporate attorney turned mindset trainer. Jihan has also participated in PGI's Matrixx program which focuses on the teachings of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In addition, she spent a year in The E-Myth's Business Mastery Program learning how to create systems-based businesses. This led to the TriHarmony Success Training System - the first business training system in Young Living Essential Oils.

Jihan is passionate about helping people reach new levels in all aspects of their overall wellness. She is the founder of the TriHarmony Oilers - a worldwide Crown Diamond network of over 15,000 active essential oil and natural product enthusiasts - and Living Fierce Club - an online holistic lifestyle training platform that includes physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, & financial wellness as well as a huge emphasis on how mindset plays a role in success for all areas of life. This platform includes travel benefits and her exclusive Millennial Mentorship program. Jihan also enjoys her work as an LFC celebrity wellness coach for the entertainment industry.