Find Forms of Movement that Bring YOU Joy

It seems that in today’s society the word “fitness” has taken over our meaning of movement. We are constantly being told to work out harder, eat less, and to focus on weight loss from numerous different media sources, influencers, or health gurus. It is so easy to get caught up in this way of thinking and to either become extremely turned off from starting your own journey with movement, have a hard time maintaining one, or to develop an unhealthy relationship with fitness.

So what if instead we started to redefine the meaning of movement. What if we took the focus away from weight-centered fitness activities and began to experiment with forms of movement that free us and our mind. Movement that allows us to get in the zone, to push our boundaries, and to feel confident and rewarded.

When we shift our mindset to this type of thinking we let go of the “punishment” aspect of working out and instead give ourselves permission to have a sense of gratitude and appreciation for our body’s ability to move. Start to understand that intense, unpleasant workouts, crash diets and other quick fixes give you temporary results. If you want lasting change choose forms of movement that are sustainable for you and improve your quality of life without any anxiety or stress.

What are forms of movement that you connect with? What are forms of movement that you love, that empower you and make you feel like the most bad ass version of yourself?

While some people may highly resonate with intense cardio other may find joy in slow yoga flows and evening walks. It is all up to you and your personal preference. Instead of listening to other people tell you what you should be doing, look within and start experimenting on your own. Do what feels right to YOU. Do what brings YOU joy and makes YOU feel confident, strong, and energized.

Posted October 02, 2020