How To Support Your Health While Traveling

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It is absolutely encouraged for our members to go on vacation. Vacation the LFC way means anything that will allow you to step away from your ordinary day and discover something new, whatever that is for you! It can be a week at the Grand Luxxe Resort in Mexico with your loved ones, spending one night in a different city with your girlfriends, taking a day trip to hike new mountains, try new healthy foods, anything that will allow you break out of your typical scenery go do that. We even made it easy for our members to do that by having a travel suite built into the system already with tons of different vacations / activities to go try out at the best cost out there.

Having trips / events lined up so you have things to look forwards to! When you do that, it will not only make you a happier, more fulfilled, more well rounded, more inspired and healthier but it will show in your business as well. Look at it as a reward for all your handwork and use that time to hustle to reach certain goals. Those goals can look like certain numbers you want your business to hit, certain number of pounds you want to lose before you feel sexy in a bathing suit, etc.

Traveling and maintaining your health is simple! Here are some of my personal wellness hacks / tricks I do to make sure my health stays in tip top shape

  1. Pack your supplements.

Vitamin C (Super C by Young Living) , Liquid Vitamin D (Blue Bonnet), Probiotics (Life 9 by Young Living or Garden of Life) , Vitamin and Mineral Packets (Master Formula by Young Living ), Consume Antioxidants (NingXia Red by Young Living), B Vitamins (Super B by Young Living)

2) Essential Oils.

Topically, internally, aromatically.

For immune boosting / germ killing pack Thieves everything. Liquid purifier, thieves hand wipes, thieves essential oil, thieves lozenges.

Others I always have are: lavender, digize, frankincense, myrrh, peace & calming, peppermint.

I always carry a diffuser with me as well.

3) Stay Off Your Phone

Unless it’s an emergency of course. Really take advantage of this opportunity of being away to be fully present and in the moment. Don’t worry about posting pictures to social media, fully focus on your time where you are at and post about it when you get back.

4) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You may notice after a flight or even just traveling to different cities / states that your skin and throat feels dry and that is totally normal. Solution? Drink water, a lot of it! Even more than you do when your not traveling and make it a huge priority for your trip to always be aware if your drinking enough.

5) Walk around, everywhere

You don’t need a gym, yoga class, or barre class to fit in a good workout. Navigating a city on foot is effective exercise, so focus on that rather than spending time scouting for a gym. You will not only get an incredible amount of steps in but you will see your surroundings in a complete different way as well.

6) Check out the local farmers market or Whole Foods

The first thing I do right after I get in my room is go stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables and water. Blueberries, Raspberries, Ginger, Lemons, Apples, Nuts, Celery, Carrots, Arugula, whatever is fresh and local. It might be the leo in me but I feel its always best to be prepared because I know when i’m not and don’t eat foods I’m use to eating my stomach ends up paying for it.

7) Express gratitude

Be grateful for another day and that you are breathing, healthy enough to be able to pick up, move your body, go somewhere new, see new things, have the funds to so and that you are able to create memories you will have and cherish forever.

Send me a message and let me know what you do to maintain your health while you travel and I encourage you to plan your next vacation!


Cristina :)

Posted February 28, 2020