10 Things To Do In Las Vegas #TheLFCWay

When you think of Vegas the first thing you probably think of is gambling and drinking all hours of the day. To someone like me, which you probably are since you’re on livingfierceclub.com doesn’t sound all that great. When I went to Vegas with my boyfriend in February we had the best time ever without doing the typical things. Here are some of the activities we did:

  1. Professional Boxing Match - A once in a lifetime opportunity I had the pleasure of experiencing. This is actually the main reason why we went to Vegas in the first place! We got to see Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury box at MGM. If you ever get a chance to go see a match live, I highly encourage it.
  2. Walk The Vegas Stip - I call Vegas the Times Square of Nevada so that being said you could imagine there is a lot to see and experience. For an active person this is perfect for you because you get your miles in walking up and down this strip!
  3. Bellagio Water Show - The fountains of Bellagio is a show you don’t want to miss. It is every 30 min from 3pm - 8pm and every 15 min from 8pm to midnight.
  4. Go explore all the different hotels on the strip. A few of our favorites are Caesars Palace, Wynn, The Venetian, Paris Hotel and Bellagio.
  5. Absinthe - They have so many incredible shows in Vegas but my favorite one and the best one by far is Absinthe. If you are in Vegas you HAVE to go see this show! The level of talent is incredible and so funny.
  6. Comedy Shows - At night they have so many things to do, comedy being one of them.
  7. High Roller - Go check out the biggest ferris wheel overlooking all of Vegas! It is awesome all hours of the day but night time is the best.
  8. Different Restaurants - Some of the best restaurants are there. I had the most amazing food ranging from Indian to Italian (go to Eataly!) and my favorite being the organic restaurant I had, True Kitchen which is opening up all over!
  9. Stratosphere - Hotel, casino and skypod. We had dinner with a view here and LOVED it! The hotel was called Top Of The World in the Stratosphere. It is super romantic, you and your loved ones will love it.
  10. Hiking - We did not get to do this but we 100% will be going next time. Nevada has some of the most amazing hiking trails so branch off the strip and go! We will be going to Red Rock Canyon, Calico and many others.



Cristina :)

Posted March 04, 2020