The 3 most common sources of misalignment.

Do you ever experience times in your life where things just don’t feel right? You can either feel drained, unhappy, or maybe even experiencing other unpleasant feelings like anxiety? Or maybe this state of uneasiness and discontent is something you feel everyday? Like you wake up each morning knowing that something could be better or different.

These feelings may be a result of living out of alignment with your true self.

You might be asking yourself, what does this all even mean? To stop and take a minute to examine your current misalignment is extremely important because you could potentially not be living your life to the fullest. When we are misaligned we are living out of flow , often times making us feel stuck. Here is the best news, you aren’t stuck, you simply aren’t living in line with your values and beliefs, which is something that can quickly change! It just takes a little more focus and determination to get yourself to where you wish to be.

Here are the most common sources of misalignment and what we can do to get ourselves back in line with our intuition and our true selves.

1. We do not listen to our body's needs

One of the most common ways we push ourselves out of alignment is by ignoring the needs of our body. Our body is the vessel that carries us through life and the sad thing is, we tend to completely ignore what it wants!! When we are consuming processed foods and refined sugars all day, the systems within us fail to function.

Our body wants and needs nutrients and movement. One of the first places we can look for alignment in our lives is our body nourishment. Our body values the right food, frequent movement and self love.

Of course it is normal to enjoy yourself in life but, make sure you have a good balance. Ignoring your body's needs can manifest into many different issues.

Finding alignment thought nutrition and movement can be amazing place to start with your journey. Take note of what foods make you feel most energized and alive. Feel out which forms of movement make you feel in flow and simply do more of it.

2. We settle for mediocre relationships

Another place we might experience misalignment is through the relationships we have in our lives. For example, if you value certain things like loyalty, honesty, genuineness, kindness, etc… but, the people you are surrounded by do not match up to these values, you will most likely feel drained after spending time with them.

It is important that you are not shrinking to a smaller version of yourself to fit in with certain people. You deserve to be your true self 100% of the time.

Never settle for mediocre relationships that leave you feeling disconnected from yourself. Analyze your beliefs and values and create relationships that complement or match them. Many of us will live life unaware by how impactful relationships are on our happiness.

Once you start connecting with people you see eye to eye with, alignment will occur and new doors will open with experiences that will allow you to thrive. You deserve to be around people who will lift you up through life, people who truly want the best for you, and who celebrate your wins and support you through your losses. (Yes those people exist)!!

3. We do something we hate everyday

Want to hear a news flash? You are not supposed to wake up every day and do something that you hate. Life is not supposed to be as dreadful as some people are experiencing it.

Misalignment with ones career is so common in our world today. Society tells us to put our dreams in a box and work a job that pays the bills, instead of going after what we truly want. If you are waking up each day and doing something that makes you miserable, living in alignment will be close to impossible. Give yourself time to explore your interest and most of all grant yourself permission to make sacrifices and take risks.

If jumping form your career is not something that is in the cards right now, try to start up a little side hustle doing something that you are passionate about. This will give you that sense of purpose you have been looking for without the heavy risk of no pay check. Feel it out and explore. Who knows! Maybe one day your side hustle will turn into your main hustle!

I know career talk can be heavy so just begin to analyze how your job makes you feel. Careers are not meant to suck the soul out of you so if this is something you are experiencing you may want to start here with your alignment journey. Analyze your values, your passions, your skills and see where things can take you.

It's time to do the work...

If you are experiencing misalignment in your life remember, the most important thing to do first is to love yourself through your entire journey. View coming to alignment in life as a little project. Break out your life into its major categories and start going through each one. Figure out where you are not aligning your values with your actions. Then, go through each category one at a time until you feel you have a good grasp on it. Apply changes each day that will get you back in alignment and allow you to live to your highest potential. When we are living a life true to our deepest selves, we allow ourselves the opportunity to radiate love, peace, and joy.

Posted November 13, 2020