On Purpose

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When I think about how I want my life to look, the thought that comes to mind is “on purpose”. Of course I have the typical dreams (and reality!) of exotic vacations, home improvements, and unlimited time freedom. It’s more that that, though. Maybe it’s because I already have the ability to live my life on my terms. Maybe it’s because I am the boss. But I think it’s more than that.

I once heard someone say that there’s a point in your success journey that it’s no longer about success - it’s about significance. What will my legacy be? Am I making a difference in this world? I often think about this and why my existence even matters. While I don’t have the need for headlining fame, I do have the need to know I made a positive impact on some sort of scale - not just a few people. It’s a fire that burns in me every day and fuels my passion.

Being deliberate with life through the monotony of daily life can seem like a foreign concept or something unattainable. But what if we break in down into pieces? What if it doesn’t have to look like curing diseases and tackling world hunger? While those are certain noble causes that can be aspired to, we can begin on a much smaller scale. Why? Because you likely will not start if it feels too big and out of reach. At least that’s how I am much of the time. I have to have simple daily steps that I can follow and check off some wins for the day, not just wins for a lifetime. Make sense?

Start with something that is important to you: drinking more water, cleaner eating, connecting regularly with loved ones, reading, taking supplements, diffusing essential oils, journaling. Create a deliberate routine that feels nourishing to you on the daily. DELIBERATE is the key word. Pay attention. Be purposeful.

After you have created some self-nourishing habits, begin seeking ways to help others on purpose. Random acts of kindness is a fantastic way to start off. Or how about just smiling to strangers and giving a friendly greeting? Practice extreme kindness. God knows we can all use more kindness!

Now that some of the basics of humanity are covered, dream bigger. Think about places you’d like to visit or a dream you’ve all but given up on. Begin visualizing exactly what you want with detail. What does it look like? Who is there? What colors and sounds are around? Paint a picture in your mind as if you already have it as detailed as possible. Get creative. Have fun!

Then start practicing gratitude for it already coming to fruition even if you don’t see it or posses it yet. As you go through these steps and are paying attention, you will notice that certain opportunities show up. Say yes. Each step will allow the next to be revealed. As you go through this process of a success path (with may fail forward opportunities along the way!!), you will find that it eventually leads to an understanding and desire for significance. You will begin to believe that you can fulfill your purpose.

Take action. Live on purpose. You get to design your life. Use the programs and Fierce Manual in LFC to jump-start your commitment. You've got this.

With gratitude,
Jihan xoxo

Jihan Thomas is a holistic life coach in New York City who brings a refreshingly simple, common sense approach to wellness, success, and life. She believes fulfilled people live more passionate lives and helps her clients thrive through food, movement, mindset, community, and a good dose of essential oils.

Posted January 20, 2020