Presence, Awareness, and Intention

The LFC/Mind program will show you how to use your mind to design the life you desire. Let our mindfulness experts show you how to focus your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. When your mind is in alignment with your intentions, you will find it much easier to set and achieve your goals and attain the life you have dreamed of for so long.

Reset how you think with our mindset coaching programs

We all know that how a person thinks has a huge impact on how a person behaves. LFC's Mindset Coaching Programs will improve your mindset, reduce fatigue, and create an improved work-life balance so that you will have more time and energy to do the things you want to do. Let LFC help you identify your biggest mindset struggles and draft a plan to move ahead with what you want to achieve. Reset how you think, and put yourself on the road to self-mastery!


Discover yourself through purposeful guided journaling

Not a gratitude journal. Not just some random writings. Our Design Your Life Journal method is a systematic approach to designing your life – exactly the way you want it – and then teaching you how to use it to get what you want. This is probably the most powerful tool you will ever discover.

A library of lifestyle videos designed to enlighten and inform.

Learn more about wellness, purpose, and abundance. Everything from juicing, to how to use your Young Living essential oils and products, and so much more. This section covers an expansive array of wellness topics to help you live your best life – one day at a time.