What is Healthy Exercise?

Healthy exercise is when we are able to approach movement from a sense of pure love and gratitude for our bodies. In today’s society it is very easy to believe we should workout everyday in order to change our bodies. This is a super unhealthy approach as it enforces the narrative that we are not enough as is. It will lead to feelings of inadequacy and self hate.

And you can NOT hate yourself into a body that you love. So, in order to develop a healthy exercise routine, you must switch your mindset, beliefs and the way you approach implementing movement it into your life.

If you are someone who is looking to lose weight for health reasons, make sure you are doing so from a place of love for everything you are in the present. Don’t tell yourself you need to change but rather, you want to move your body in order to show it love.

Once you are able to make these changes, watch how easy movement comes to you. Watch how you will no longer need to force a workout but rather, you will want to work out in order to deeply nourish you mind, soul, and body.

Posted October 05, 2021