This Movement Mindset Shift Will Change Your Life

Did you know that when we approach movement and fitness from the mindset of burning calories and trying to look a certain way, you are actually doing yourself a HUGE disservice?

Why you ask?

Every time we are working out with these intentions we actually strip ourselves from any opportunity of feeling deep levels of self love and confidence.

This dialogue we are constantly feeding ourselves is secretly enforcing the belief that we need to achieve a certain metric on our fitness machines in order to feel a certain degree of pride and self worth.

So what can we do about this?

It starts with one simple mindset shift. Instead of approaching movement through a calorie burn mindset, we approach it with gratitude for our bodies. We remind ourselves that movement is an opportunity for our bodies to feel energy flow, it's a release.

We should feel a level of self love that is so deep that we move our bodies to send thanks and gratitude to these beautiful vessels that carry us through life.

Next time you are heading into your next workout or going on your daily walk, give thanks to your body. Give yourself a hug and realize how lucky you are to be able to move.

As you do this your mind will start to recognize that gratitude is the driving force in your movement routines. With this, self love will start to flood ever corner of your life, you will begin to feel new levels of confidence and movement will no longer be a source of punishment for the pizza you ate last night.

When you approach things with gratitude, self love will always follow.

Posted February 05, 2021