Mindset Shifts That Leads to Long Lasting, Sustainable Health

It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that wellness and health are destinations. And that if we get on route to them at a 100 miles an hour we can quickly live the good life.

But, what if this fast pass approach to wellness is the reason we are constantly returning back to our normal? What if the reason we are in a constant yo-yo with caring for our health is due to the fact that we are just simply taking the wrong approach? What if we realized that health is not a destination but yet, a journey? What if we finally stopped trying to "achieve" unrealistic goals, and started focusing on implementing simple, sustainable habits and lifestyle changes?

This is the secret to long lasting health.

We need to switch our mindset from the go-go-go mentality, to the "what little change can I make that will point me in the right direction?" mentality.

Healthy habits and sustainable changes are the name of the game.

Take a look at the below mindset switches that will alter your approach to wellness in the most amazing way possible...

Instead of this: I heavily focus on achieving specific health results and outcomes in order to feel good.

Do this: I focus on slowly creating sustainable healthy habits and routines that make me feel my best.

Instead of this: I measure success through the achievement of my goals.

Do this: I measure success through my effort to show up as well as my growth.

Instead of this: I go full force, trying to achieve all of my health goals, commonly leading to burn out and feelings of failure.

Do this: I understand that slow progress is more sustainable. I am easy on myself and kind to my body and mind.

Instead of this: On days I do not feel 100% I consider it not worth it. I will give up and enter of period of not trying.

Do this: I understand that motivation ebs and flows and some days I will be more "on" than others. I show up but, do what feels right in the moment.

Instead of this: I set the bar high and make drastic changes to achieve my goals.

Do this: I understand that in order to create lasting change, that simplicity, progress and sustainability are key. Small changes will lead to more success in the long run.

Instead of this: Once I achieve my goal, my work is done and I usually return. back to my initial way of living.

Do this: There is no end goal. I am energized and fueled by the growth I see in my mind, body, and soul. I have fell in love with journey as opposed to being constantly focused on a destination.


If you are unsure how to implement these mindset changes, take a pen and paper and write down your current approach to health. Really start to explore your current relationship with health and wellness. Do you view health as a destination? Are you in a constant battle of caring vs. not caring? Do you make drastic changes that are hard to sustain? Do you usually go 100mph and eventually burn out and give up?

If the answer is yes, start first by evolving your mindset towards understanding that health is about the little things you do each day. The habits, the rituals, the things that light you up.

Write down all of these mindset shifts in a journal and always refer back to them.

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Posted May 07, 2021