Everything You Need For Quarantine Wellness

1) Vitamix or a high power speed blender - My best friend currently is my Vitamix. My boyfriend and I are basically living off of smoothies and smoothie bowls because it is an easy, safe, cost effective way to get all your nutrients in.

2) NingXia Red - My favorite juice ever that is packed with tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I take 2-4oz daily for overall wellness, my mind, my immune system, my skin and to just help me feel good!

3) Essential Oils -

Citrus Fresh, I have been diffusing everyday because it smells like sunshine and pure happiness which we all need right now.

Thieves, I apply on the bottom of my feet to boost my immune sysytem.

White Angelica, I apply on the back of my neck and helps me feel protected, calm and safe.

Valor, Amazing for feeling strength, courage and confidence.

Lavender, I have been applying daily to help with any nervous tension and especially at night time for its calming and relaxing effects.

4) Gratitude Journal - In times like these it is so important to be grateful for what you have.Be grateful for the roof you have over your head, the food you are eating to fill your stomach, money you have that allows you to buy necessities, your loved ones and your health.

5) Fierce Manual - Instead of focusing on what you can not control, focus whatyou can control like your perception and your future. Take out your fierce manual and start visualizing your dream life and get excited!

6) Workout Equipment - You don’t need equipment but if you want something in the house I recommend dumbbells, jump rope, resistance bands, yoga matt and a kettlebell.

7) Poster Paper - Use this time to make a vision board for yourself. Don’t just let time be wasted, utilize your down time to create the life of your dreams on paper so you can bring it to life!

8) Water Filter - Berkey water filter is the best filter for the best bang for your buck. We just purchased one and it is the best money we’ve spent!

9) Toaster Oven - A cheap way to cook and warm up your food. I have been cooking in my toaster oven more than my regular oven!

10) Faith - Have faith in something larger than yourself. Trust and believe that God /The universe is always working in your favor and has your back.

Love you all!



Posted April 17, 2020