Allow Your Emotions to Flow: Your Health Depends on It

Human beings are extremely emotional animals and with this we are meant to freely express these emotions. But, over time we have been conditioned at a very young age to keep our emotions quiet. So, instead of allowing emotions to flow, we swallow them… especially the negative ones.

Some would think, “So what? Big deal? I was sad and I chose to swallow my sadness and move on.” Well… the thing is, the body is much more complex than that.

And it all starts with the basic understanding that emotions are simply energy and when we choose to suppress our negative emotions we are actually storing negative energy in the body.

Storing negative emotions in the body can lead to the manifestation of physical symptoms such as pain, disease, cancer, or illness. Some may consider this as unbelievable as the mind-body connection has yet to become basic knowledge among western medicine. But, it’s actually quite basic when you start understanding the idea of emotions as energy.

Here are some steps we can all be taking to make sure we are allowing this energy to freely flow within the body:

1. Movement

Movement is the number one thing you can do to allow energy to flow within the body. While fitness has been at the top of the wellness 101 list for years, many people overlook the immense impact movement has on both the physical and energetic body and mind. When we move our bodies, we are not only burning stored fat, we are also ramping up our internal systems and allowing the energetic river to flow. This flow moves energy that has been stored in the body and prevents a further build up negative energy. THIS is why so many people see movement as an amazing form of stress relieve. We are quite literally flowing negative energy out of the body. It is ESSENTIAL to find a form of movement that works for you and to keep coming back to it. This is something that will drastically improve energy flow within your body. It doesn’t matter what it is… yoga, walking, biking, running, stretching… anything and everything that gets the body moving in a way that feels good to YOU.

2. Meditation

Mediation is another way to create energy flow in the body. This one may sound a little more woo woo but mediation is a great way to create a concentrated flow of energy that allows blockages to become dismissed. The best way to do this is to sit on the ground in a crossed legged position. With your palms open on your knees and your eyes closed envision your energy centers or chakras as a straight line down the body. (If you are unfamiliar with chakras, they refer to energy points in your body. ) Once your eyes are closed, focus on deep breathing. When you are relaxed imagine energy flowing from the universe through the third eye (in-between your eyebrows) and down the center of your body. Continue envisioning this flow for 5-10 minutes while continuously breathing deeply. If you repeat this once a day either at night or in the morning, you will notice a huge shift in the way you feel. Energy that was once blocked will begin to flow out of the body.

3. Essential Oils

100% pure tested grade essential oils have inherent energetic vibrations with the ability to assist in opening and balancing energy flow. They are an amazing way to focus on specific areas that are experiencing energy blockages within the body. Placing oils on different energy centers of the body will stimulate many different healing effects for the body, mind, soul as well as the flow of energy. For example; using peppermint oil on the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows) can help ease tension in the head as well as alleviate migraines and headaches. There are endless options of oils for endless different symptoms, from concentration, to love, happiness, sleep, anxiety…the list can go on.


The next time you are experiencing an emotional response… allow yourself to feel these emotions. Journal, express, talk to someone. It is so important that you are able to allow this energy to flow through you and out of you. It is not only important for your mental health, but your physical health. Along with the expression of emotion, make sure you prioritize the movement of energy that exist within your body. Blockages can occur through stress, lack of movement, build up emotions, and for many other reasons. Make movement a priority while experimenting with meditation and essential oils. You will start to notice and immense shift in the way you move and feel throughout your days. Get that energy flowing.

Posted November 29, 2021