5 Activities Draining Your Energy

1. Junk Food

Everything we eat, has a certain vibrational frequency to it. A frequency that effects the way our cells vibrate and therefor effect the way we feel and function. There is a term in the health and wellness space called, "dead food" that defines all food that has a frequency which is almost non existent. Food that is "dead" or low frequency will drain us of our energy and actually cause us to feel sluggish and slow.

I'm sure you could imagine which kinds of food fall into this category but in case not, dead food is all processed foods, foods that are heavily refined, or contain refined sugars. Pretty much foods that contain no to very little nutritional value. Sweets, chips, white bread, processed meats, sugary drinks, processed snacks...the list can go on.

These foods are draining your energy when food is quite literally meant to REFUEL us. Lean into foods that are alive and abundant in nutrients and vitamins. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains...THESE are the answer.

2. The News

THIS is major. When we think watching the news is simply informing us on all the latest going on in the world...we are WRONG. The news is these days is 98% negative and charged with the most negative emotions of fear. When we watch the news, we are giving our energy over to an activity that lowers our vibrational frequency, causing us to feel our own feelings of stress, fear, or worry. These feelings will unknowingly begin to stick with you and stat to effect your personal reality. News that is meant to find a way to you, will always find a way. Have faith in the universe and allow things to unfold naturally.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol in moderation is fine but, when we choose to drink large amounts of alcohol we are doing a huge disservice to our body and minds. Alcohol is large amounts can cause dysregulation in the body, and wreak havoc in our systems. Chemical imbalances cause our energy levels to lower while giving us less of a grasp on our emotions and decision making. If you want to drink alcohol, make sure it is in moderation. Begin to become aware of the way it effects you mentally and physically. If you tend over drink, get to the root of the emotions that are driving that behavior. Start finding hobbies or activities outside of drinking that uplift and bring you joy.

4. TV

Entertainment in moderation is OK but, we shouldn't rely on numbing ourselves with TV every single night. If we think about how much time we spend watching TV... it is kind of alarming. Now... what if you took just 25% of that time and dedicated it to something that can uplift or recharge you? What if instead of giving away your energy to TV, you put your energy into a journaling practice, or working on a hobby, or maybe even a short workout? Life is special and can pass us by without us realizing. Why is it that we spend so much time on activities that do nothing for us?

5. Toxic Relationships

Your relationships and the people you are surrounded by have more an effect on you than you even realize. Each person in your life chooses to vibrate at a certain frequency. People who are deep in the hole of fear, stress, and lack tend to vibrate at a lower frequency than those who choose to focus on love, hope, opportunity, and abundance. When you spend time with those who vibrate lower, you begin to vibrate lower as well. Take note of the way you feel after spending time with certain people. Do you leave the social setting feeling energized and alive? Or do you feel like someone just sucked the soul out of you?

Posted January 24, 2022