3 Things to Remember When Going Through Difficult Times

There will always be points in our life when things just feel tough. They feel so tough that you could not even imagine ever getting out of the difficulty. It is during these times where we can easily give up on caring for ourselves in the ways we need it most.

Know that these times are completely normal. Life will never be an endless high. There will always be lows. It’s how easily we can ride the wave without completely losing ourselves in these lows that will give us the ability to find balance and harmony.

Here are some very important things to remember when going through tough times.

1. Life will always throw curve balls at you.

There will never be a point in your life were every single things just goes right. You will always be faced with challenges, whether big or small. Allow yourself to feel the emotions of your experience while also understanding that ups and downs are just a part of life. Remember that better days are to come and nothing is permanent. Try to be in the present while looking towards a brighter future.

2. Every difficult situation is a lesson and opportunity to build strength.

When life hits you down, look at it as an opportunity to stand up with more power, knowledge and strength. It takes courage to be able to stand up during tough times and it’s within these moments that we collect wisdom and learnings that will forever guide us through life. It’s very easy to look towards the negative but, when we see hard times as an opportunity to learn, we can actually raise our vibration and mood into something positive. Life is all about trial and error.

3. You’ve overcome challenges in the past, you can do it again.

It’s common to feel like the hard times are never ending, like the light at the end of the tunnel is no where in sight..but, take a moment to think back to a difficult time you once experienced. A time you thought you would be stuck in forever. Now, realize that you got through it. You got through that one thing that you thought you never could. Use this as a reminder that you can get through your current difficulty. Remind yourself of all of the strenght, motivation, and willpower you once were able to utilize, and now channel that all into the present.

When going through rough waters, we are so quick to think of all of our flaws and all that we are lacking. We get so down on ourselves that we end up digging an even deeper hole. BUT remember, you are so much stronger than you think. You have the power within you to get yourself out of difficult times. You have in the past and you will in the future. Use an optimistic, positive mindset accompanied by willpower and motivation to get yourself exactly where you need to be.

And most of all, always believe in yourself. You are stronger than you believe.

Posted July 19, 2021