#1 Budgeting Hack for Leveling up Your Savings Game $$$

Budgeting is one of those things we all know we should do yet, we find ourselves avoiding it day after day. If you want to start being smart with your money, you should take a quick check at where your money is flowing. This will help you further determine what you should pull back on with spending and where that money could be better used (hint: investing!!).

In order to be successful with saving and budgeting, you must start by adjusting your current beliefs around money. Get to the bottom of what makes you spend everything you get instead of saving it for a future you. If you have deep rooted beliefs such as "I will always struggle with money", "Money is bad", or "I don't deserve to be wealthy", you better believe that your actions will do all it takes to fulfill these beliefs.

Money is an extremely powerful tool, that when used correctly can make us experience our lives with ease instead of stress.

Here is the number one budgeting hack for anyone looking to take their financial situation to the next level.


If you were to sit down with any wealthy person and asked them what their number one tip would be, it would most likely be to pay yourself first.

So, what exactly does this mean? This means that instead of spending and using your money towards your expenses and THEN saving the rest (that is, if there is any left) you start the process by taking a specific percentage and saving that immediately. Prioritizing saving at the start, as opposed to the end. THIS, is paying yourself first.

In order to determine which percentage to save each month, take 30 days to track your spendings and expenses. Figure out how much of your spending is 100% necessary and then see how much is left over. You may be surprised to see where your money flows. Those $6.50 coffees and $14 dollar salads everyday really do add up.

Take a look at these numbers. What percent would you be comfortable saving of what is left over? If you are unsure of this process, start with 10%.

So each month when money flows in, you immediately take that 10% and put it away in a savings account, never to be touched!!!! Let this money build over time. If you really want to see it grow, use this money to invest.

Having this savings account build over time will provide you with comfort, knowing that if ever an emergency, you have funds to support you. It is also a good way of saving for retirement.

There is no better time to start saving than NOW. Start raising your awareness to where your money is flowing, get smart about it, and put in the time to start intentionally saving!!!

Posted March 25, 2021